The Wise Men and Women of China

By Cesar Fernando Lumba

They’re all dead.  Yes, all the wise men and women in China are dead. Killed. Eliminated a long time ago by the communists.  Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions even – wiped out by the communists.

There were a few remaining in the late 1980s.  In the late 1980s Chinese spring happened – similar to the People Power revolution in the Philippines, after which the Chinese spring had been patterned.  The stark image of one Chinese man, demanding democracy from the communist overlords, fought a standoff with muscular tanks on Tiananmen Square as the world watched on television screens. .

The man was arrested, never heard from again.  Not a peep from democracy advocates since.  The Chinese spring – long forgotten.

The real China, emboldened, went to work.  The country attracted manufacturing from all over the world, exploiting its enormous advantage of coolie wages, and now the world sees the real reason China was willing to sacrifice the health and sanity of its people in its pursuit of manufacturing preeminence: China is in a long-term push toward world domination.

It’s all about China becoming the greatest power in the universe, replacing the United States.

It has started.  Through island and resource-grabbing in the South China Sea, China is building fortifications in seized islands and atolls in the Spratlys that are clearly intended for use as a base in further conquests in that sea that China claims it owns.  90% of the sea it claims it owns.

Having shown their true colors, the Chinese are repulsing former trade partners Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.  So far the Japanese are the most willing to transfer their manufacturing plants to friendly countries, their new allies Vietnam and the Philippines.  Taiwan is doing the same to a limited extent.

The world is waiting for American companies to start dismantling their factories in China and transferring manufacturing operations back to the U.S., or Mexico, or Vietnam, or the Philippines, or Bangladesh, or Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Singapore – any country except China.

Even the greedy American industrialists who long ago abandoned American workers in favor of the coolie workers in China have sat up and taken notice.  The Chinese do not just want America’s manufacturing industries, they also want to strip America of its power because America is standing in the way of Chinese world domination.  In commerce as well as in military terms.

That is the ultimate Chinese goal.  Every GE TV, every Apple i-phone, every Shimano motor, every Boeing airplane part, every Caterpillar tractor made in China brings the Chinese closer to its ultimate goal, which is to overtake the U.S. economically and to defeat the U.S. in a cold war, and if necessary, in a real (hot) war.

If the war were fought today, China would lose.  If the war were fought twenty years from now, China would lose.

Every Chinese wise man would know this.  But the Chinese wise men – and women – are long gone.  Dead.  Murdered.  Tortured by the communists.

Now imbeciles and reality deniers rule China.  Already these not-so-funny clowns have miscalculated.  They never imagined that the whole world would respond with apocalyptic negativity to their island building in the Spratlys.  They never imagined that the whole world would be united in condemning Chinese island and atoll-grabbing in the Spratlys.

They never imagined the world’s reaction because there are no longer any wise men (and women) in China.  They’re all dead.  Mudered.  Tortured by the communists.

China is a rogue country.  The world has started to treat it as such.  And because there are no longer any wise men (and women) in China, it will not understand that it has brought this pariah status to itself.  And so it will indignantly insist that it is right and that justice is on its side.

It will think that having Russia as an ally will give it strength.  The truth? China;s military is no match against the South China Sea natural allies: the U.S., Japan, Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea.  The NATO powers (Germany, France, Britain, Italy, etc.) can neutralize Russia.

China will be all alone trying to defend its so-called islands in the Spratlys. After witnessing the sinking of its lone aircraft carrier, China will retreat back behind its Great Wall, daring any power to come and invade it and engage in street fighting against its teeming masses, that will scatter willy-nilly when they see squadrons upon squadrons of drones that are unleashing a fury on military targets.

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