There’s gold in dem dar hills

By Cesar Fernando Lumba


The latest good news about Nevada: Tesla Motors, which builds all-electric fast cars in California, has decided on Nevada as the site of its gigafactory that will build the next generation of lithium batteries for cars.

In line with its desire to build cars that will retail for under $30,000, Tesla has broken ground in Silver Peak, Nevada, a tiny community of about 100 residents, and by far the biggest source of the chemical lithium in the United States.

Silver Peak is equidistant from both Reno and Las Vegas. It is 200+ miles south of Reno and 200+ miles northwest of Las Vegas. Thus, the two major cities of Nevada stand to benefit almost equally from the expected growth explosion of Silver Peak over the next few years.

The Tesla gigafactory, when completed, will have cost $5 billion and at its operational zenith will employ up to 6500 workers mainly in the Reno, Nevada area. It promises to usher in a new era of green energy and transform the global energy industry into renewable and clean energy and away from the polluting global fossil fuels based industry.

What does this mean for you and me? If you can, find a way to invest in Nevada.

Whether it’s real estate, or autos, or Wall Street stocks, or clean energy resources, if you can find a way, get in on the action NOW.

Already, a company in Vancouver, B.C. is hastening its plan to build its own lithium battery manufacturing in the Silver Peak area. An echo of Silicon Valley appears to be in the works, but instead of high-tech communication, computing, software manufacturing and social media companies proliferating in and near Silver Peak, a slew of green energy companies are expected to congregate there in the future.

Nevada is fast becoming the country’s center of solar energy production, if it is not as yet, and is also attracting massive interest in wind and thermal energy production. With the expected start of the Tesla lithium factory operation in 2017, made technologically possible through a partnership with Panasonic Company, Nevada is expected to become the biggest player in clean and renewable energy in the U.S.

Nevada, as you know, is the biggest producer of silver in the U.S., which is why it is known as the Silver State. Unbeknownst to most people, Nevada is also one of the biggest if not the biggest producer of gold in the country.

Now, lithium – the new gold – will be mined and converted to the most powerful and biggest batteries in the world.

For a state that is known for gambling and prostitution, how big is this coup?

Again, if you have money that you need to park somewhere, invest it in Nevada.

I am already thinking of repositioning some of my assets in Nevada.

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