Computer Manufacturing Must Return to America

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By Jules Lombard

The babies being born these days, anywhere in the world, are the luckiest humans ever in our known history.

Babies born today will see cars that fly like airplanes, sink into the ocean like submarines. Cars that drive themselves.  They will see robots at sales counters, doing housework, teaching their children in school and over the Internet.

Powering the new robots and cars are very sophisticated computer systems made in… Where? China? South Korea? Vietnam? Cambodia?

We used to make personal computers and sophisticated cellular phones in the U.S., are we still making them here?  We’re not.  At least not in meaningful quantities.

It is crucial that we start making these small, portable computer-based products in America once again. Every aspect of our lives, in peace and war, will be run by computers. If America depends on other countries to manufacture the computers for us we will be at the mercy of those countries. China will be able to dictate to us, and so will other Asian countries that are increasingly becoming the most important manufacturers of smart machines that will dominate our lives in the near future and our children’s lives in the far distant future.

Drones are changing the way our country fights wars.  Other countries are following suit, manufacturing their own drones. Within perhaps thirty to fifty years, wars will be fought by not only drones but also by robots, with each robot being run by very sophisticated self-powered computers.

This is why computer manufacturing is so vital to the future of the American experiment with democracy.

Imagine being at war with China. That country’s manufacturers are now manufacturing many of our personal computers, tablets and iphones.  Other countries, potentially allied with China, are producing the components, such as the motherboards, the transistors and capacitors, varistors, etc. that go into the manufacture of computers and other computer-based products. Increasingly, we are becoming more and more dependent on the Chinese and those other countries to make those products for us.

We still make the huge computers here in America, the ones that are being bought by the Department of Defense and by the healthcare industry, but the cost benefits of producing such items in foreign countries are pressuring manufacturers of such products to manufacture in China and elsewhere.

In a future war with China, which in some circles is considered inevitable because China is starting to impose its will in vital parts of the world such as the South China Sea and sub-Saharan Africa and increasingly in South America, America would be the bigger loser.

This author does not believe that war with China is inevitable, but if he is wrong and war does break out with that country, it is best to be ready for it.

If the Chinese and their allies are actually manufacturing our computers and computer systems, and they can cut off shipments of computers to us anytime they feel like, how can we win a war with them?  We can’t, unless we start bringing back the computer manufacturing that we have lost to China and other countries.

In the best-selling book, Death By China, the authors Peter Navarro and Greg Autry argue that in any future war, the country that has the superior manufacturing base will most likely win.

Recall that in the Second World War, the Germans had superior technology, but America had a huge manufacturing advantage. At the very outset of war, many American manufacturers refitted their factories and started manufacturing war materiel: tanks, armored vehicles, guns, bullets, cannons, airplanes, etc. at a feverish pace.  This quickly turned the European and Pacific wars around to our advantage.

A German general interviewed after the war was asked by a journalist how the Germans lost when they had superior tanks – the Panzer tanks were the best and most sophisticated in the world – and the Germans had V-1 and V-2 rockets.

The general replied (paraphrased): “We would shoot one tank, then shoot the next, then shoot the next. The next thing we knew, there were hundreds of American tanks coming at us. How could we win a war where the other side had many more tanks to throw at us?”

Again, we don’t want a war with China, but if there is ever a war with that country, America will be at a huge disadvantage, because while the Chinese can convert its manufacturing plants to produce war materiel, currently we in America have far fewer plants to convert.  Many of our factories have been closed, their manufacturing already shipped to China and other countries.

And at the rate we’re going, in the not-so-distant future we will have far fewer factories to convert to wartime manufacturing.

The authors of Death by China also point out that the Chinese are sending tons of satellites up into space, while the U.S. has stopped its space missions and no longer has the capacity and will to launch rockets to maintain and replace old and expiring satellites.  We actually depend on the Chinese and the Russians to carry U.S. payloads into space.

What this means, potentially, is that the Chinese will be able to attack and disable America’s protective satellites in orbit and will be able to attack the United States from space, according to the authors of Death By China..

Scary, isn’t it? Yet, that is the world that is trending right now. Because we have surrendered an important part of our computer manufacturing to China and other countries, it is likely that America will take some form of dictation from China by the time babies born today are grown up and in charge of our country. For good measure, China will probably slap us around and completely frustrate us in international forums such as the United Nations and APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) and Pacific rim countries organizations.

Because our debt to China will be so huge if present trends in trade between the two countries are not reversed, China will also be able to threaten us with fiscal collapse should we decide not to do China’s bidding.

I have been saying for nearly a year now that it is important that we start manufacturing consumer items again in the U.S. Even more important is that we start manufacturing personal computers, tablets, iphones, etc. in the U.S. once again.  Our world, our wars, our lives will be run by computers.  If we don’t make computers here in the U.S. in sufficient quantities anymore, what do you think will be the future of our children, their children and the babies being born today?

Let me stress that our beef is not with the Chinese people. Before we Americans became victims of the mercantilist Chinese communists, the Chinese people had long been victimized by their own government.

The Chinese are committing suicide and attempting to commit suicide in larger and larger numbers. They are being worked like dogs and paid peanuts for their labor, under conditions that would appall every human rights activist.

The skies over China, the rivers and streams are so polluted that the Chinese are slowly dying from diseases caused by a poisoned environment. In some parts of China, experimental plastic bubbles over private schools have sprung up. Those plastic bubbles are necessary to protect the schoolchildren from the toxic environment.

In the urban and industrial centers, Chinese children are not allowed by their parents to play outside the house because the air outside is so toxic.

What about labor unions? There are no labor unions in China. The would-be labor leaders have all been shipped to the Chinese equivalent of the Gulag archipelago to either rot or die. None of them have been heard from since their arrest.

I know. A lot of American CEOs love to do business with China because there are no labor unions there. American CEOs hate the labor movement here in the U.S. and elsewhere. They are so relieved that they do not have to deal with labor unions because their manufacturing is being done in China. Disgusting, but true.  This must change.

The Chinese people would come to America, to Europe, to other Asian countries if they had a choice. They feel, however, that they have no choice. As bad as things are in China’s huge industrial hubs, their living conditions outside the industrial hubs were much worse. So they’ve actually seen improvement in their lives, even though the clock is ticking for them. They are slowly dying from cancer, emphysema and many diseases caused by a dirty atmosphere and by eating foods produced in a filthy environment.

The communist bosses don’t see or dont’ care to see what is actually happening to the Chinese people.  They can only see the finish line.  They can see China overtaking the U.S. and proving to the world that the Chinese system, which is based on the communist theory that the worldwide revolution against capitalism is a continuing struggle that must be won by the working class, is the superior system.

The Chinese leaders are very smart.  They know that the capitalist system is the only way they can win so they are using using capitalism in order to topple Capitalism and replace it with the communist system of the rule of the proletariat (working class).  But are they really working for the working class?  The leaders and well-connected are living like kings and princes, but the poor are still dirt poor, and many have become suicidal.

The Chinese people deserve our pity, not our condemnation. It is the ruling politburo, the apparatchiks who have enriched themselves beyond their wildest dreams and the corrupt Chinese military who deserve our disdain.

The Chinese trade war – which China is fighting through its Buy Chinese policy… through the emasculation of American, European, etc. manufacturing… through its refusal to sell rare-earth metals to the industrialized world in sufficient quantities… through its export subsidies which are illegal according to World Trade Organization rules… through its currency manipulation which undervalues the Chinese yuan by at least 40%… through its financial support of African dictators who control large quantities of metals – is ultimately for the purpose of winning the war for communism.

The ultimate goal of the Chinese military and China’s communist brain trust is the destruction of our capitalist system. We must not forget this, or we will end up in the belly of the Chinese tiger that we have been riding over the past couple of decades.

It is vitally important that we get back a good portion of the manufacturing industries that we lost to China and other countries.  We are not insisting that we get all of it back.  We just want 51% back.

Our goal of insisting that 51% of all manufactured products sold in the U.S. is manufactured in the U.S. will not only benefit the American people today, it will insure our children’s future, especially the future of babies being born today.

We don’t really care about the national origins of countries that manufacture in the U.S..  They could all be Chinese companies manufacturing in the U.S. for all we care.  We just want them to manufacture in the U.S. so our people will have good-paying jobs and so that we will have an adequate manufacturing base that we can convert to the manufacture of war materiel should the need arise.

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