Visions of America, the Manufacturing Giant

My dear readers,

You are in a position to bring manufacturing back to America. You hold a tremendous power in your hands. You are the American Consumer, and you hold the strongest hand in the struggle to determine which country or countries will dominate the world twenty, thirty, fifty years from now.

You can begin to exercise this power by signing the petition in, asking the President of the United States and the U.S. Congress to mandate that 51% of all manufactured products sold in the U.S. must be made in the U.S.A.

Please click on the link below (in blue) to log on to the petition to the President and Congress.
Hey,I just signed the petition “The President of the United States, The U.S. Congress: Mandate that 51% of all products sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


It is vitally important for us and our children that we bring manufacturing back to the U.S. If we don’t our children and their children will wake up one day and find that America has no economic power and has been relegated to an also-ran status by the likes of emerging powers China, India, Brazil, Mexico.

We American consumers and only we are in a position to prevent the decline of the U.S. as an economic power.  Our elected officials cannot prevent our decline from happening because they are too invested in the status quo.  Our academia are on the same boat, because they have written books and have dedicated their lives to the making of our world.

America is on its way to a second-class status and no one but us American consumers are in a position to prevent it from happening.

Are you ready to join the movement to stop America’s slide to second-tier status?

To recap the arguments in favor of the petition:

1. What we are hoping to accomplish through this movement is to tweak our world. Not to completely change it, but to tweak it. We want international trade to be benign, not destructive of manufacturing in the industrialized world.

2. We want trade to be an instrument for spreading wealth around, instead of a tool that a predator such as China can use to subjugate other countries economically.

3. We want international trade to create jobs everywhere instead of killing jobs in the industrialized world.

International trade, which is now synonymous with globalization, has been bad for countries like the U.S. and the European countries and have only marginally benefited some Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

If you follow the logic of the 51% movement, you will note that it is a response to what the Chinese are already doing.

The Chinese are insisting that the GM cars marketed in China are built in China.  Before long, the GM cars that we buy in the U.S. will be made in China.

The Chinese want to build almost everything they need in their own country. Boeing already has factories in China making airplane parts. Buy Chinese is official Chinese policy and not just an organic development in the China-style free trade system..

There is official sentiment in China that if their own people need something, they should build it themselves and not import the products from other countries. The Japanese, the Koreans, the Taiwanese, the Germans, etc. have similar though not formalized policies.

It is actually only the U.S. and some foolish European countries – and Australia – that practice truly free international trade.  Did I mention Australia?  Australia is content in being China’s supplier of raw materials, its manufacturing being shipped to China piece by piece as we speak.

We are the naive ones. We believe in completely free trade because of our foolish pride. We think we invented free trade, therefore we don’t want to abandon it. The truth? England invented free trade and look what happened to it. It has become a nation of shopkeepers.

International trade or globalization is the instrument used by countries like China and by corporations like GE, Apple, Nike, etc. to dismantle the industrial revolution in the U.S. and other advanced countries, piece by piece. And the pace is accelerating.

What should the U.S. do? We cannot just stand by and watch our doom unfold. It is time to act, not a time to doubt ourselves. We are the American Consumer, the most powerful force in the universe. We decide what the future looks like, other people will not decide it for us.

Do not believe those who tell you that we should concentrate on the super high-tech industries. We must make clothes, TVs, radios, plasterboard, computers – all kinds of products that we used to make in the U.S. – once again.

We must rebuild our industrial revolution by rebuilding our manufacturing.

Have you heard of singularity? Because of the heightened pace of progress in artificial intelligence research and development, by 2050 machines will be able to mimic humans. Machines will be able to think, feel, plan, play sports, perhaps even fall in love the way we humans can. Scientists call this singularity, the concept that machines become interchangeable with humans.

Scary, isn’t it? Without the U.S. having a strong manufacturing base, we cannot hope to become leaders in the  manufacture of those machines.

What kind of country will we be forty years from now? Will we be importers of the smart machines?  At the rate we’re going, we will be, since we don’t make computers anymore. If we do, not in any meaningful quantities.

Did you know that tires are no longer made in the U.S.? They’re all made in Malaysia now. There’s a whole city in Ohio, Dayton, which went from being “the tire capital of the world” to become the deserted capital of the world. Dayton is recovering and diversifying, thank God, but it will never be the same or anywhere close to what it was.

If you have children who are not doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc., your children are victims of globalization. Their options are far more limited than our options when we were working. Chances are, they are living with you or are considering living with you because they don’t have the opportunities we had when we were first starting out.

We owe it to our children and their children that we fight back. Let this be the start of a movement.

Sign the petition on and feel much, much better about yourselves.

I signed the petition and I’m so passionate about our cause that I can’t resist asking everyone I know to sign the petition.

Finally, what we are advocating has been done many times by Americans who came before us. The latest American patriot who did something similar to what we are doing was the late President Reagan.

Reagan threatened sanctions on the Toyotas and the Nissans, etc. if those car companies would not voluntarily limit their car sales in the U.S. or set up plants in the U.S. Today, the cars that are actually most “American,” since they are made in the U.S. and have the highest U.S.-made parts contents in percentage terms, are the Camry and the Accord. Both cars are more “American” than the Fords, GMs and Chrysler cars that are assembled in the U.S.

The Apples, the Vizios, the Sonys, the Sharps, the GE’s, the HP’s, etc., will never make their products in the U.S. on their own volition because it is so profitable to make things in China and the other emerging countries at Chinese and third-world prices and sell those things in the U.S. at U.S. prices.

They therefore must be forced to make products here in the U.S. again.

You and I and the President and Congress must force them to make things in America again.

And if other countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, France, Greece, Spain and Ireland follow the U.S. lead, the ultimate result will be a redistribution of the huge rewards of international trade. Countries that have lost jobs to globalization will be able to rebuild their manufacturing base and hundreds of millions of the world’s citizens will be able to ascend to the middle class from the ranks of the poor, unemployed and underemployed.

We must encourage other industrialized countries to adopt a policy similar to our 51%.  It’s their only hope.

We, American consumers, will be the example for the whole world.  We will save America, and in the process save the industrialized world.

C. Fernando Lumba

(C. Fernando Lumba is an author, blogger, financial consultant and Internet raconteur.  He has written a book of essays and two novels.  The novels were written using a pen name.)